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Trak Fitness patented cable attachments are the most functional cable attachments available. Our cable attachments are included on the worlds premium fitness equipment brands, including TuffStuff, Promaxima and Pulse Fitness. These brands understand that Trak Fitness cable attachments improve the functionality of their equipment and provide a superior user experience.





The primary focus of our work here at Trak Fitness LLC is to develop cable attachments and exercise handles that provide advanced functionality by incorporating our patented 3-axis rotation technology which we first introduced in our TrakHandle cable attachment. Our products provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. 

This versatility is not available in any other cable attachment or exercise handle.  The freedom of movement provided by our cable attachments provides the following benefits.

Expand the functionality of existing cable exercise equipment.  Trak Fitness cable attachments allow users to perform multi-plane exercise movements which cannot be performed with any other cable attachments to the restrictive nature of other attachments.

Maximize gains by working muscles through their Full Range Of Motion (ROM) with rotational movements. Full ROM exercises are critical for achieving the greatest gains in muscular development and rotational movement is the only way to achieve full ROM in upper body musculature. Watch Video

Improve neuromuscular efficiency and minimize kinetic chain dysfunction & injury caused by standard cable attachments. Standard cable attachments and exercise handles restrict rotational and multi-plane movements and prevent proper alignment of the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.  These restrictions force the user into faulty movement patterns that can lead to muscle imbalance, poor neuromuscular control and arthrokinetic dysfunction which can lead to pain and injury to the joints and ligaments. The TrakHandle Sport and other Trak Fitness cable attachments are the only cable attachments that allow ergonomically movement and minimize repetitive stress injuries.

Reduces Cost. The TrakHandle Sport outlasts typical handles by several lifetimes which is why we back it with a 3 year warranty.

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