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 Our premier product is the TrakHandle™ . Its patent pending technology includes three axes of rotation that provide unprecedented mobility and range of motion for your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. 

This versatility is not available in any other handle.  The freedom of movement provided by the TrakHandle™ enables you to fully develop specific muscles while preventing unnatural strain on other muscles, joints and ligaments.

The success of the TrakHandle™ inspired the patent pending TrakRow™, TrakBar 24, and TrakBar 42 multi-use pull bars, which combines the advantages of two TrakHandles into a versatile pull bar that provides incomparable functionality.

The technical innovations of the TrakHandle, TrakRow and TrakBars have fostered revolutionary advancements in fitness training.  We created TrakTraining™ to develop and promote these exclusive training exercises and techniques, many of which cannot be performed with other cable attachments.

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