Lat Pull Bar

The TrakBar 42 is the most functionally advanced cable lat pull bar available.  This versatile multi-functional cable attachment accepts two of our TrakHandle™ Pro rotational handles to provide four axis of rotation, making it the most versatile cable lat bar in the world.

The TrakBar 42 tracks perfectly with your body's natural movements to help focus the resistance on the lattisimus dorsi and eliminate the strain on the wrists and joints that often occurs during biceps curl exercises. The TrakBar 42 includes settings for  ", 30", 36", and 42" spreads, which allows users of all sizes to target the biceps from a variety of angles.  

The patent pending rotational elements of the TrakBar 42 enables natural rotational movement of the wrists, arms and shoulders throughout the entire exercise which helps develop the lats through their full range of motion. These rotational advantages allow seamless transitions through multiple lat exercises without releasing your grip or changing attachments. You can now transition between grip positions on the fly without releasing the bar.

There is no other cable attachment that can provide the advanced level of versatility and performance that the TrakBar 42 provides. The TrakBar 24 provides the same advantages for many other cable exercises such as horizontal rows and curling exercises.  To learn more, visit the TrakBar 42 Home Page.

Get the same rotational advantages in our other cable attachments including the TrakRow, TrakBar 24, TrakHandle Pro, and the new TrakHandle Sport.

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