Placing an Order

Find answers to your questions by browsing the subject below. If you do not find an answer for your question please contact us.

About "My Account"

Store your shipping and billing info with us by setting up an account. Click on "My Account" and visit the "Create New Account" link. We keep your customer data private. You can also check out without creating an account. Simply fill out the required information each time.

Finding What You Want

View our catalog of products to see our selection.

Using the Shopping Cart

Clicking "Add to Cart" will place a desired product into your Shopping Cart. To see what you have placed in your cart click "View Cart" at the top of each page. To remove an item go to "View Cart" and click on "Remove" beside the item you wish to take out of your cart.

Our shopping cart utilizes "cookies" in your browser to remember who you are and what you have placed in your cart. You will not have to remember a membership number or a password.

Placing An Order

To place an order, follow these steps:

  1. Search or browse our store and add items to your cart as described in "Using The Shopping Cart."
  2. Visit "View Cart" and click "Check Out."
  3. Fill out the shipping, billing, and payment info on our secure page.
  4. Wait for your products to arrive.

Payment Options

We accept Discover Card, Master Card, VISA and PayPal. We can only ship to the billing address of the credit card holder. The billing address must match the address listed on your credit card. All credit card orders are verified with the cardholder's bank and will be canceled if the information is incorrect. Please make sure that telephone numbers and email addresses are correct. The telephone number has to be a land line. Mobile phone numbers will not be accepted.

Purchase Agreement - Please Read Carefully

By pressing the "check-out" button you are authorizing Trak Fitness Corp. to charge your credit card in-full at the time of order. This will also include the respective shipping charges as well as sales tax for the residents of New York at 8.625 percent.


If you have any further questions please contact us with further details and we will get back with you.

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