We stand behind our products and place a high value on customer feedback.  I am truly grateful to these customers who took the time to share their thoughts.

David Kristiansen, President

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We first introduced this in our Y last spring.This is a great product.One of the best inovation to come to the weight room in years.The design is simple but it makes perfect sense.Customer service has first class.Thanks
Steve Rowell, Senior Director, Watertown Family YMCA, Watertown, NY
I was introduced to the Trak System in October 2009 and have been encouraged by the limitless applications and uses within my clinic. The primary focus within my clinic being post surgical rehabilitation of the upper extremity, I have seen a significant improvement in strength, active range of motion as well as functional endurance with the application of the Trak handles. This product has the potential to limit re-injury to the wrist, elbow and shoulder due to it 3 dimensional mobility when used in resistive training. This freedom of movement has also added to my own training regiment by allowing continuous motion through many planes, specifically the shoulder, bicep and triceps. I feel strongly that this product would be a smart alternative for those interested in more definition, reduction in body fat, increase muscle tone as well as increased endurance. I would recommend this product to those interested in attaining a higher degree of fitness, and or for those whose time is limited and can benefit from a device that can be used at home, or on the road to maintain physical fitness.
Dr. Joseph Coleman, Dallas Products Purchased / Services Used: Trak Handles
We have had the trak system here for a couple months now and the members love it! It so easy to use and makes doing different exercises a breeze. Great product!
Bruce, Manager, Weight Room Plus, Moriches, NY wandasweightroomplus.com
As a trainer I love the versatility the Trak handles provide. They allow every movement to be performed as effectively as possible. Our clients feel the difference and adds a discernible value to our training services. As a fitness director I love the durability of the handles and the guarantee that comes with them. You can't even compare the Trak handles to the variety of webbing handles we have used in the past. They are head and shoulders above any other attachments we've used.
Greg DiNatale, Fitness Director, The Edge Fitness Clubs, Fairfield County, CT www.theedgefitnessclubs.com
Products Purchased / Services Used: Trak Handle, Trak Row, and Trak Bar
Just when you think resistance training using cables has evolved to their limits, along comes’ the TrakHandle. An innovation that maximizes the functionality of any push-pull movement while using a cable system. Whether using a selectorized weight stack, air resistance or any form of suspension or body weight training, the ergonomics are enhanced throughout the movement.
Ed Trainor, VP at Town Sports International www.mysportsclubs.com
Testimonials Pages: 1 2 3
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