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The Sportrower replacement handle set dramatically improves the functionality and ergonomics of any indoor rowing machine. The Sportrower provides an unlimited range of movement and allows the user to mimic the correct stroke mechanics of both sweep-oar rowing and sculling.

Indoor rowing enthusiasts are no longer confined by the limitations of the standard fixed handles that come with all indoor rowers. The Sportrower allows a wide range of new exercise movements to be performed on indoor rowing machines. It enables supination of the arms to engage the biceps and allows external shoulder rotation to engage the trapezoid, rhomboid and rotator cuff muscles. The Sportrower also enables ulnar and radial deviation of the wrist to maintain proper wrist alignment and avoid impingement and repetitive stress injuries associated with standard rowing handles.

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The Sportrower fits all indoor rowing machines including Concept 2 indoor rowers, First Degree Indoor Rowers, WaterRower, Matrix Rowing Machines, Life Fitness Indoor Rowers, Cybex Hydro Rower, Body Craft Rower, Total Gym Row Trainer, RP3 Rowing, Horizon Rowers, Nordic Track Rower, and others.

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