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Winner of the international FIBO Innovation Award, the TrakBar Pro-X is the first and only cable attachment / pull-up bar that includes multi-axis handles that travel along theCable_Attachment__TrakBar_Pro_X__lat_pull_bar_animation length of the bar to allow unrestricted rotational and multi-plane movement during any exercise.  The handles can be locked anywhere along the length of the bar with the flip of a switch. Or they can remain unlocked to automatically adjust to the user’s natural hand, arm and shoulder movements, which also allows the user to perform a wide range of new rotational cable machine exercises and pull-up exercises that are not possible with any other exercise equipment.

The TrakBar Pro-X provides more functionality than all other cable attachments and/or pull-up bars combined. Users can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workouts by performing an unlimited range of exercises in succession without changing attachments or releasing their grip.


Work muscles through their full range of motion (ROM). Rotational movement of the shoulders, arms and wrists is essential to fully develop muscles through their full range of motion.  The TrakBar Pro-X is the only exercise bar that allows these types of movements.

  • Perform unilateral and rotational exercises that are not possible with any other equipment. No other cable attachment or pull-up bar allows these types of exercises.Cable_Attachment__TrakBar_Pro_X__Row_bar
  • Tracks perfectly with natural movements. The TrakBar Pro-X is the first and only cable attachment and pull up bar with multi-rotational handles that travel along the length of the bar to automatically adjust to the user's natural functional movements.
  • Perform compound, multi-plane exercises that mimic real world functionality.
  • One cable attachment does it all.  The handles can be locked in any position along the bar with the flick of a switch. More exercises can be performed with a single TrakBar Pro-X in less time and with better results than with an entire rack of traditional cable attachments.
  • Pull Up Bar: WATCH VIDEO Suspend the TrakBar Pro-X from an overhead support for the most versatile pull up station available.  Transition between any type of pull up without releasing your grip. Perform perfectly fluid single arm pull ups and endless variations of symmetrical and asymmetrical body weight exercises.

Standard cable attachments prevent rotational and multi-plane movement.  These restrictions force the user into faulty movement patterns which leads to muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction at the wrist elbow and shoulder which can lead to pain and injury to the joints and ligaments READ MORE

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