Cable handles and attachments are the most important part of any cable exercise machine because they control the relationship between movement and resistance.  Yet, these critical components have been grossly neglected by the fitness equipment industry. (Read More about the problems with existing cable handles.)


Trak Fitness has done something about it.  The patented design of TrakHandle Sport cable handles includes 3 axis of rotation which provides unrestricted natural range of motion for the shoulders, arms, and wrists..
  1. Allows rotational movement which is critical to achieve full range of motion and proper development of upper body muscles. (Read more about Rotational Movement below)
  2. Reduces injuries by eliminating unnatural stress on joints and ligaments.
  3. Improves the functional value of any cable exercise machine by increasing the quality and type of exercises that can be performed.
  4. Reduces Cost. The TrakHandle Sport outlasts typical handles by several lifetimes.

Rotational Movement is critical for proper development of upper body muscles. Several studies have been completed which analysed the effects of range of motion on muscle development.  The results show that working muscles through their full range of motion (ROM) is critical for achieving the greatest gains in strength and muscle development.  The only way to achieve full ROM of upper body muscles is by incorporating rotational movement into the exercise.

  • Biceps brachii: Biceps are commonly known as elbow flexors. But they are also the primary supinators of the forearm.  To work the biceps through their full range of motion, one must rotate the forearm while flexing the elbow.
  • Pectoralis Major: The Pectorals horizontally adduct the arm. But they are also internal rotators of the arm.  To work the pecs through their full range of motion one must internally rotate the arm during horizontal adduction.  The pectorals also flex and extend the arm depending on the starting position and exercises should be performed to work the pecs from all angles. Rotational movement is critical to achieve full ROM from any position.
  • Latissimus Dorsi:  The lats extend the flexed arm but they are also internal rotators of the arm. So full ROM of the lats is achieved by extending and internally rotating the arm.
  • Deltoids: The delts abduct (or raise) the arm but they also assist in external and internal rotation.  Full range of motion can be achieved for the anterior (front) and posterior (rear) delts by incorporating rotation into the movement.
  • Rotator Cuffs: Its all in the name.  Enough said.

The TrakHandle Sport is the standard of excellence in the Fitness equipment industry. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of any cable exercise machine including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more.

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