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The Latest Advancement in Ergonomic Accessories

Note: TrakHandle Sport is not compatible with TrakBars or TrakRow. 

Surprisingly, in this day and age, exercise equipment continues to coerce our bodies into unnatural, restrictive movements at the risk of improper muscular development and injury. It's even more shocking, given the extraordinary versatility of the human body, the increasing emphasis on health and fitness, and the current state of technology, that resistance training has been stuck in the 20th century.  That is, until now.

No more compromises

The TrakHandle Sport is destined to become the standard interface between human and machine.

With three axes of rotation, the TrakHandle Sport enjoys many of the same advantages of the TrakHandle Pro, enabling unrestricted movement through multiple planes of motion during any exercise. Its patent pending design combines strong, lightweight materials with ingenious engineering to create a durable handle with advanced functionality that is economic and weighs less than a pound.

With the TrakHandle Sport, you can escape from the restrictions imposed by traditional handles and perform natural, fluid, functional movements. The way your body is meant to move.


The TrakHandle Sport connects to any standard clip or carabiner. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of a wide range of exercise equipment, including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more. The TrakHandle Sport can also be outfitted with accessories, such as a foot strap (available Nov. 2011). The foot strap makes the TrakHandle Sport ideal for performing leg exercises on suspension training and other systems.


Given its low cost and durability, the TrakHandle Sport is highly economic, especially in a heavy use setting. It is designed to outlast most traditional handles and is maintenance-free. As an added plus, it's serviceable. Any part can be easily and inexpensively replaced. That means you can extend the life of your TrakHandle Sport indefinitely and recognize substantial cost savings over the long term.

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