The patented design of TrakHandle Sport cable handles includes 3 axis of rotation which allows natural rotational movement and provides unlimited range of motion for the shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands.


  1. Improve muscular development by increasing range of motion with rotational movement.
  2. Promote natural muscular firing patterns by allowing functionally correct movements.
  3. Reduce injuries by eliminating unnatural stress on joints and ligaments.
  4. Improve the functional value of any cable exercise machine by increasing the quality and type of exercises that can be performed.
  5. Reduce Cost. The TrakHandle Sport outlasts typical handles by several lifetimes.
Cable Handles and attachments are the most important part of any cable exercise machine because they dictate the relationship between movement and resistance.  Yet amazingly, this critical component has been grossly neglected by the fitness equipment industry. Well Trak Fitness has done something about it and it's no surprise that people who use the TrakHandle Sport and other Trak Fitness cable attachments refuse to go back to the typical low cost handles and bars that limited their progress.

Most manufacturers of cable exercise equipment provide low budget cable handles and attachments that restrict natural movement and place unnatural stress on joints and ligaments.  These inferior cable attachments limit range of motion by preventing rotational movement. They impede proper muscular development, ingrain unnatural muscular firing patterns and can cause repetitive stress injuries.  Ironically, manufacturers' handles actually severely limit the type and quality of exercises that can be performed on their own cable machines.

Typical handles also have a high level of discomfort because the handle frame or strap contacts the users wrist during cable exercises.  The patented design of the TrakHandle Sport eliminates such contact to provide the most comfortable user experience available.

The TrakHandle Sport combines strong, lightweight materials with ingenious engineering to create a durable handle with advanced functionality that is economic and weighs less than a pound.  It will outlast both metal and fabric handles making the TrakHandle Sport more cost effective long term, which is why we include a full 3 year warranty.  If any part of the TrakHandle Sport fails within three years, Trak Fitness will repair or replace the handle at no cost to the customer.

Trak Fitness will increase the warranty on the TrakHandle Sport and TrakHandle Pro to 5 years for any fitness center that replaces all of its current handles with TrakHandle Sport or TrakHandle Pro cable handles. Ensure that your members receive all of the benefits of the TrakHandles and have peace of mind knowing you will not have to purchase another cable handle for a minimum of five years. Please contact Trak Fitness directly at 516-986-3359 for more information.

Some cable equipment manufacturers are beginning to understand the advantages of our equipment and are now including the TrakHandle Sport on their cable machines. These include Promaxima in the US and Pulse Fitness in the UK.

The TrakHandle Sport is the standard of excellence in the Fitness equipment industry. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of any cable exercise machine including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more.

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