We stand behind our products and place a high value on customer feedback.  I am truly grateful to these customers who took the time to share their thoughts.

David Kristiansen, President

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Last night was my first full experience using the TrakHandle accessories and it was amazing. Working with a client on shoulder rehab, he instantly felt the benefits of a more natural movement pattern and I was able to show him some exercises to aid in his recovery. I then proceeded to go through an upper body work out of my own. Using some of the same movement patterns I previously used standard attachments for and gained a new level of intensity and fluidity within and between exercises. Even when the travel feature is not prominent, the ability of the handles to move ensures great joint stability with no added torque force, leading to greater muscle work output.
Michael, Owner/Founder, Integrated Performance Institute, Manhattan, New York www.iperformanceinstitute.com
Products Purchased / Services Used: TrakHandles, TrakRow, TrakBar 24, and TrakBar 42
Having been one of the first gyms to implement the TrakHandle® Pro Series, I can say that my reaction to the product line is one of enthusiasm and excitement. The TrakHandle® is not only ergonomic but also effective and efficient in the way it allows you to work with cables, as opposed to the typical D-Handle and straps. The TrakHandle® allows you to exercise in a variety of planes while exerting minimum stress on the joints involved. It has been well received by everyone at Complete Physique – both members and personal training clients. I would highly recommend the series to any and all gym owners and training enthusiasts.
Kirk Ronnermann, CPT, Owner, The Gym at Complete Physique, Huntington, NY Products Purchased / Services Used: TrakHandles, TrakBar 24, TrakBar 42, TrakRow
When I first received the Trak System, I was very skeptical, as I am with most new fitness equipment. My attitude changed immediately after using them. The Trak System is amazing! My entire team of trainers are using the grips with all their clients, as well as in their own workouts. We will never use any other grip, besides the Trak Grips moving forward.
Jason Urbanski, Director of Personal Training, Gold's Gym, Lorton VA
The Trak Handles are really an amazing tool in the trainers arsenal. They make an isolation exercise like cable crossovers feel more like a compound movement because of all the extra muscles you incorporate, I use them with all my clients and show all my members how to use them on a variety of exercises. I love them.
rob zampetti, owner , master trainer, golds gym, green brook nj www.goldsgym.com/greenbrooknj
We just received the Trak Fitness row bar and our members and trainers just love it!! It is very well put together and very smooth. It is unlike any other accessory for a cable piece. It adds a 360 degree range of motion, an instability that forces you to work harder and you can do many different exercises with this one bar hitting multiple muscle groups. Great piece of equipment!!
Shannon Bille, Fitness Director, The Houstonian Club, Houston, TX www.houstonian.com
Products Purchased / Services Used: Row bar
Testimonials Pages: 1 2 3
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