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Safe Air Fitness Announces Partnership with Trak Fitness LLC

Mon, 13 May 2013

Partnership Represents a Revolutionary Advancement in Strength Training Equipment 

Terrebonne, Quebec May 8, 2013 (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Safe Air Fitness, a leading manufacturer of air fitness equipment, and Trak Fitness LLC, the leader in functionally advanced and ergonomically correct exercise handles and accessories, today announced a partnership that will provide users of Safe Air Fitness’ pneumatic based equipment with an unprecedented level of functionality and the ability to perform a wider range of ergonomically correct exercises that are natural to the human body.

Safe Air Fitness integrated Trak Fitness’ patented TrakHandles® into its line of pneumatic exercise equipment, including its Lat Pull-down, Biceps Curl, Rowing, Reverse Rowing, Shrug, and Deadlift machines. The handles come standard on all Safe Air equipment lines starting immediately and will be featured on Safe Air’s new HG line which will be introduced at the official launch party at the prestigious ProGym Montreal later this month.

Additionally, Safe Air Fitness will become a distributor for the complete line of Trak Fitness cable attachments throughout Canada. Trak Fitness’ patented accessories are the first and only exercise handles and attachments that include 3 or more axes of rotation which allow users to perform exercises through multiple planes of movement. Safe Air Fitness customers will benefit from a wider range of exercises that closely mimic natural human movement, which is severely restricted by traditional exercise equipment.

“Trak Fitness accessories have rendered conventional handles and attachments obsolete. Safe Air Fitness is proud to partner with Trak Fitness to provide our customers with the most state-of-the-art equipment available and the means to more effectively and safely achieve their fitness goals” said Marc Scremin, CEO of Safe Air Fitness.

“Safe Air Fitness is an established and innovative leader in the Air fitness equipment industry” said David Kristiansen, founder and President of Trak Fitness LLC. “By integrating our patented TrakHandle® technology, Safe Air Fitness is producing the most ergonomically advanced strength training equipment available.”

Media Contacts: 

Safe Air Fitness, 1-866-534-6700, www.safeairfitness.com
TrakFitness LLC: 516-986-3359, www.trakfitnessllc.com

About Trak Fitness LLC 

Trak Fitness LLC is revolutionizing the fitness industry with state-of-the-art, ergonomically correct equipment. Its patented TrakHandle Pro and TrakHandle Sport lines of cable accessories are the only attachments available that allow three-dimensional multi-plane movements so that users can train more effectively and efficiently, while minimizing potential stress and injury to muscles, joints, and ligaments. Trak Fitness LLC designs all of its products to work in harmony with the natural movements of the human body in order to improve performance, safety and results

About Safe Air Fitness 

Safe Air Fitness is a leading provider of pneumatic commercial fitness equipment. Safe’s driving forces are design, strength, quality and safety like the name implies. Since their inception in 2004 Safe Air Fitness partnered with World Strongest Man Hugo Girard that first quoted after a workout on the equipment, ‘’I never found a machine stronger than me! If I had trained on Safe Air Fitness before I would have won a lot more titles’’ 
Safe Air Fitness specializes in High powered equipment that is accessible to anyone no matter their fitness 
level. Safe Air Fitness is also the only company in the world that can increase or decrease 100 pound of weight in 1.5 seconds without ever stopping , allowing the users to maximize the negative or eccentric part of the motion like never before. Safe Air Fitness has more power to offer with 700 pounds of average capacity on the HG line. 
Safe Air Fitness allows users to focus their energy on training not carry plates around.

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